Commit c0228b94 authored by mvogt's avatar mvogt

[libcontacts] Remove details that cannot be imported

Some detail types cannot be supported by the qtcontacts-sqlite
backend; remove them from contacts before attempting to import.
parent b6957d6c
......@@ -338,11 +338,26 @@ QList<QContact> SeasideImport::buildImportContacts(const QList<QVersitDocument>
QHash<QString, int> importNames;
QHash<QString, int> importLabels;
QSet<QContactDetail::DetailType> unimportableDetailTypes;
// Merge any duplicates in the import list
QList<QContact>::iterator it = importedContacts.begin();
while (it != importedContacts.end()) {
QContact &contact(*it);
// Remove any details that our backend can't store
foreach (QContactDetail detail, contact.details()) {
if (unimportableDetailTypes.contains(detail.type())) {
qDebug() << " Removing unimportable detail:" << detail;
const QString guid = contact.detail<QContactGuid>().guid();
const QString name = contactNameString(contact);
const bool emptyName = name.isEmpty();
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