Commit b2bab14c authored by mvogt's avatar mvogt

[libcontacts] Do not attempt to resolve with empty match values

Do not falsely match empty inputs to any invalid empty stored values.
parent d4df4278
......@@ -905,6 +905,9 @@ SeasideCache::CacheItem *SeasideCache::itemByPhoneNumber(const QString &number,
SeasideCache::CacheItem *SeasideCache::itemByEmailAddress(const QString &email, bool requireComplete)
if (email.trimmed().isEmpty())
return 0;
QHash<QString, quint32>::const_iterator it = instancePtr->m_emailAddressIds.find(email.toLower());
if (it != instancePtr->m_emailAddressIds.end())
return itemById(*it, requireComplete);
......@@ -914,6 +917,9 @@ SeasideCache::CacheItem *SeasideCache::itemByEmailAddress(const QString &email,
SeasideCache::CacheItem *SeasideCache::itemByOnlineAccount(const QString &localUid, const QString &remoteUid, bool requireComplete)
if (localUid.trimmed().isEmpty() || remoteUid.trimmed().isEmpty())
return 0;
QPair<QString, QString> address = qMakePair(localUid, remoteUid.toLower());
QHash<QPair<QString, QString>, quint32>::const_iterator it = instancePtr->m_onlineAccountIds.find(address);
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