Commit a80cc4f6 authored by chriadam's avatar chriadam

[libcontacts] Fix tst_import unit test

Commit 813eafc0 changed how formatted
name (FN) properties from vCards are imported, so that now an import
involving de-duplication can result in a single contact with multiple
nicknames (setNickname() actually adds nicknames if the new nickname
does not match a previously set nickname).
parent 96732850
......@@ -468,10 +468,15 @@ void tst_SeasideImport::mergedUid()
QCOMPARE(name.isEmpty(), true);
const QList<QContactNickname> nicknames(c.details<QContactNickname>());
QCOMPARE(nicknames.count(), 1);
QCOMPARE(nicknames.count(), 2);
const QContactNickname nick(;
QCOMPARE(nick.nickname(), QString::fromLatin1("Jebediah Springfield"));
const QContactNickname nick1(;
const QContactNickname nick2(;
QVERIFY(nick1.nickname() == QString::fromLatin1("Jebediah Springfield")
|| nick1.nickname() == QString::fromLatin1("Obadiah Springfield"));
QVERIFY(nick2.nickname() == QString::fromLatin1("Jebediah Springfield")
|| nick2.nickname() == QString::fromLatin1("Obadiah Springfield"));
QVERIFY(nick1.nickname() != nick2.nickname());
const QList<QContactPhoneNumber> phoneNumbers(c.details<QContactPhoneNumber>());
QCOMPARE(phoneNumbers.count(), 2);
......@@ -494,4 +499,4 @@ void tst_SeasideImport::mergedUid()
#include "tst_seasideimport.moc"
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