Commit 6114837a authored by mvogt's avatar mvogt

[libcontacts] Make contact browsing faster

Pre-fill the cache with contact metadata rather than entire contact
records.  Where a particular address type is required for selection by
an attached model, include that address type in the queried data.

Also allow partially loaded contacts to be completed, and contacts to
be queried by address, whether already present in the cache or otherwise.
parent 937148cf
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......@@ -67,6 +67,12 @@
typedef QContactDetail::DetailType DetailTypeId;
typedef QLatin1String DetailTypeId;
class CONTACTCACHE_EXPORT SeasideNameGroupChangeListener
......@@ -90,6 +96,13 @@ public:
enum FetchDataType {
FetchNone = 0,
FetchAccountUri = (1 << 0),
FetchPhoneNumber = (1 << 1),
FetchEmailAddress = (1 << 2)
enum DisplayLabelOrder {
......@@ -97,8 +110,9 @@ public:
enum ContactState {
struct ItemData
......@@ -108,7 +122,7 @@ public:
virtual QString getDisplayLabel() const = 0;
virtual void displayLabelOrderChanged(DisplayLabelOrder order) = 0;
virtual void updateContact(const QContact &newContact, QContact *oldContact) = 0;
virtual void updateContact(const QContact &newContact, QContact *oldContact, ContactState state) = 0;
virtual void constituentsFetched(const QList<int> &ids) = 0;
virtual void mergeCandidatesFetched(const QList<int> &ids) = 0;
......@@ -121,7 +135,7 @@ public:
virtual ~ModelData() {}
virtual void contactChanged(const QContact &newContact) = 0;
virtual void contactChanged(const QContact &newContact, ContactState state) = 0;
struct CacheItem
......@@ -168,6 +182,13 @@ public:
virtual void updateDisplayLabelOrder() = 0;
struct ResolveListener
virtual ~ResolveListener() {}
virtual void addressResolved(CacheItem *item) = 0;
static SeasideCache *instance();
static ContactIdType apiId(const QContact &contact);
......@@ -184,7 +205,7 @@ public:
static quint32 internalId(QContactLocalId id);
static void registerModel(ListModel *model, FilterType type);
static void registerModel(ListModel *model, FilterType type, FetchDataType extraData = FetchNone);
static void unregisterModel(ListModel *model);
static void registerUser(QObject *user);
......@@ -201,18 +222,27 @@ public:
static CacheItem *existingItem(quint32 iid);
static CacheItem *itemById(const ContactIdType &id);
static CacheItem *itemById(const ContactIdType &id, bool requireComplete = true);
static CacheItem *itemById(int id);
static CacheItem *itemById(int id, bool requireComplete = true);
static ContactIdType selfContactId();
static QContact contactById(const ContactIdType &id);
static void ensureCompletion(CacheItem *cacheItem);
static QChar nameGroupForCacheItem(CacheItem *cacheItem);
static QList<QChar> allNameGroups();
static QHash<QChar, QSet<quint32> > nameGroupMembers();
static CacheItem *itemByPhoneNumber(const QString &msisdn);
static CacheItem *itemByEmailAddress(const QString &email);
static CacheItem *itemByPhoneNumber(const QString &number, bool requireComplete = true);
static CacheItem *itemByEmailAddress(const QString &address, bool requireComplete = true);
static CacheItem *itemByOnlineAccount(const QString &localUid, const QString &remoteUid, bool requireComplete = true);
static CacheItem *resolvePhoneNumber(ResolveListener *listener, const QString &number, bool requireComplete = true);
static CacheItem *resolveEmailAddress(ResolveListener *listener, const QString &address, bool requireComplete = true);
static CacheItem *resolveOnlineAccount(ResolveListener *listener, const QString &localUid, const QString &remoteUid, bool requireComplete = true);
static bool saveContact(const QContact &contact);
static bool removeContact(const QContact &contact);
......@@ -235,8 +265,8 @@ public:
// For synchronizeLists()
int insertRange(int index, int count, const QList<ContactIdType> &source, int sourceIndex) {
return insertRange(m_fetchFilter, index, count, source, sourceIndex); }
int removeRange(int index, int count) { removeRange(m_fetchFilter, index, count); return 0; }
return insertRange(m_syncFilter, index, count, source, sourceIndex); }
int removeRange(int index, int count) { removeRange(m_syncFilter, index, count); return 0; }
void timerEvent(QTimerEvent *event);
......@@ -260,18 +290,31 @@ private slots:
void displayLabelOrderChanged();
enum PopulateProgress {
static void checkForExpiry();
void keepPopulated();
void keepPopulated(quint32 fetchTypes);
void requestUpdate();
void appendContacts(const QList<QContact> &contacts);
void appendContacts(const QList<QContact> &contacts, FilterType filterType, bool partialFetch);
void fetchContacts();
void updateContacts(const QList<ContactIdType> &contactIds);
bool updateContactIndexing(const QContact &oldContact, const QContact &contact, quint32 iid, const QSet<DetailTypeId> &queryDetailTypes);
void updateCache(CacheItem *item, const QContact &contact, bool partialFetch);
void finalizeUpdate(FilterType filter);
void removeRange(FilterType filter, int index, int count);
int insertRange(
......@@ -281,7 +324,8 @@ private:
const QList<ContactIdType> &queryIds,
int queryIndex);
void updateContactData(const ContactIdType &contactId, FilterType filter);
void contactDataChanged(const ContactIdType &contactId);
void contactDataChanged(const ContactIdType &contactId, FilterType filter);
void removeContactData(const ContactIdType &contactId, FilterType filter);
void makePopulated(FilterType filter);
......@@ -292,6 +336,8 @@ private:
void updateConstituentAggregations(const ContactIdType &contactId);
void completeContactAggregation(const ContactIdType &contact1Id, const ContactIdType &contact2Id);
void resolveAddress(ResolveListener *listener, const QString &first, const QString &second, bool requireComplete);
static QContactRelationship makeRelationship(const QString &type, const QContact &contact1, const QContact &contact2);
QBasicTimer m_expiryTimer;
......@@ -299,6 +345,7 @@ private:
QHash<quint32, CacheItem> m_people;
QHash<QString, quint32> m_phoneNumberIds;
QHash<QString, quint32> m_emailAddressIds;
QHash<QPair<QString, QString>, quint32> m_onlineAccountIds;
QHash<ContactIdType, QContact> m_contactsToSave;
QHash<QChar, QSet<quint32> > m_contactNameGroups;
QList<QContact> m_contactsToCreate;
......@@ -335,16 +382,27 @@ private:
int m_cacheIndex;
int m_queryIndex;
int m_appendIndex;
FilterType m_fetchFilter;
FilterType m_syncFilter;
DisplayLabelOrder m_displayLabelOrder;
bool m_keepPopulated;
PopulateProgress m_populateProgress;
quint32 m_fetchTypes;
bool m_fetchTypesChanged;
bool m_updatesPending;
bool m_fetchActive;
bool m_refreshRequired;
bool m_contactsUpdated;
QList<ContactIdType> m_constituentIds;
QList<ContactIdType> m_candidateIds;
struct ResolveData {
QString first;
QString second;
bool requireComplete;
ResolveListener *listener;
QList<ResolveData> m_resolveAddresses;
const ResolveData *m_activeResolve;
QElapsedTimer m_timer;
QElapsedTimer m_fetchPostponed;
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