Commit 592a3f0f authored by mvogt's avatar mvogt

Merge branch 'mer-1536' into 'master'

[libcontacts] Ensure timestamps use C locale. Contributes to MER#1536

Timestamps must be generated using the C locale, so they do not contain
digits other than Latin.

See merge request !2
parents e53ce198 de8fac7f
......@@ -3099,7 +3099,7 @@ QString SeasideCache::exportContacts()
QFile vcard(baseDir
+ QDir::separator()
+ QDateTime::currentDateTime().toString("ss_mm_hh_dd_mm_yyyy")
+ QLocale::c().toString(QDateTime::currentDateTime(), QStringLiteral("ss_mm_hh_dd_mm_yyyy"))
+ ".vcf");
if (! {
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