Commit 4f147312 authored by Richard Braakman's avatar Richard Braakman

[performance] get all extra metadata at once if possible

Doing multiple queries for this also meant multiple model updates,
and multiple contact field parsing on the sqlite side.
parent ff84e74f
......@@ -1718,7 +1718,9 @@ void SeasideCache::startRequest(bool *idleProcessing)
// Load extra data items that we want to be able to search on, if not already fetched
if (unfetchedTypes & SeasideCache::FetchOrganization) {
fetchType = SeasideCache::FetchOrganization;
// since this uses allFilter(), might as well grab
// all the missing detail types
fetchType = unfetchedTypes;
} else if (unfetchedTypes & SeasideCache::FetchPhoneNumber) {
fetchType = SeasideCache::FetchPhoneNumber;
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