Commit 342ee5ee authored by mvogt's avatar mvogt

Merge pull request #103 from matthewvogt/mer-1174

[libcontacts] Adjust fetch hint for non-completing address resolution.  Contributes to MER#1174
parents b435183d 10ef565f
......@@ -3227,9 +3227,9 @@ void SeasideCache::resolveAddress(ResolveListener *listener, const QString &firs
request->setFilter(localFilter & remoteFilter);
// If completion is not required, we need to at least retrieve as much detail
// as the favorites store, so we don't update any favorite with a smaller data subset
request->setFetchHint(requireComplete ? basicFetchHint() : favoriteFetchHint(m_fetchTypes | m_extraFetchTypes));
// If completion is not required, at least include the contact endpoint details (since resolving is obviously being used)
const quint32 detailFetchTypes(SeasideCache::FetchAccountUri | SeasideCache::FetchPhoneNumber | SeasideCache::FetchEmailAddress);
request->setFetchHint(requireComplete ? basicFetchHint() : onlineFetchHint(m_fetchTypes | m_extraFetchTypes | detailFetchTypes));
connect(request, SIGNAL(stateChanged(QContactAbstractRequest::State)),
this, SLOT(addressRequestStateChanged(QContactAbstractRequest::State)));
m_resolveAddresses[request] = data;
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