Commit 17072973 authored by mvogt's avatar mvogt

[libcontacts] Do not attempt to remove IsNot relationships during merge

We can't be certain that they exist, and if not, they cause the pre-
existing aggregation relationships to be preserved.
parent d6b31162
......@@ -3057,8 +3057,10 @@ void SeasideCache::completeContactAggregation(const QContactId &contact1Id, cons
m_relationshipsToSave.append(makeRelationship(aggregateRelationshipType, contact1Id, constituentId));
m_relationshipsToRemove.append(makeRelationship(aggregateRelationshipType, contact2Id, constituentId));
// If there is an existing IsNot relationship, remove that
m_relationshipsToRemove.append(makeRelationship(isNotRelationshipType, contact1Id, constituentId));
// If there is an existing IsNot relationship, it would be better to remove it;
// unfortunately, we can't be certain that it exists, and if it does not, the
// relationship removal will fail - hence, better to ignore the possibility:
//m_relationshipsToRemove.append(makeRelationship(isNotRelationshipType, contact1Id, constituentId));
if (!m_relationshipsToSave.isEmpty() || !m_relationshipsToRemove.isEmpty())
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