Commit 10ef565f authored by mvogt's avatar mvogt

[libcontacts] Adjust fetch hint for non-completing address resolution. Contributes to MER#1174

When resolving an address that does not need the whole contact to
be retrieved, the fetch should include any resolvable addresses of
the contact, since address resolution is obviously in use in the
caller application.
parent d9b85466
......@@ -3227,9 +3227,9 @@ void SeasideCache::resolveAddress(ResolveListener *listener, const QString &firs
request->setFilter(localFilter & remoteFilter);
// If completion is not required, we need to at least retrieve as much detail
// as the favorites store, so we don't update any favorite with a smaller data subset
request->setFetchHint(requireComplete ? basicFetchHint() : favoriteFetchHint(m_fetchTypes | m_extraFetchTypes));
// If completion is not required, at least include the contact endpoint details (since resolving is obviously being used)
const quint32 detailFetchTypes(SeasideCache::FetchAccountUri | SeasideCache::FetchPhoneNumber | SeasideCache::FetchEmailAddress);
request->setFetchHint(requireComplete ? basicFetchHint() : onlineFetchHint(m_fetchTypes | m_extraFetchTypes | detailFetchTypes));
connect(request, SIGNAL(stateChanged(QContactAbstractRequest::State)),
this, SLOT(addressRequestStateChanged(QContactAbstractRequest::State)));
m_resolveAddresses[request] = data;
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