Commit 08d0c9ad authored by chriadam's avatar chriadam

Merge branch 'jb39278' into 'master'

[nemo-qml-plugin-systemsettings] Fix crash in OpenVPN file import. Contributes to JB#37751

See merge request !31
parents d368c3d0 0363b2e2
......@@ -994,7 +994,7 @@ QVariantMap VpnModel::processOpenVpnProvisioningFile(QFile &provisioningFile)
directive == QStringLiteral("auth-user-pass")) {
if (!arguments.isEmpty()) {
// If these file paths are not absolute, assume they are in the same directory as the provisioning file
QString file(;
QString file(;
if (!file.startsWith(QChar('/'))) {
const QFileInfo info(provisioningFile.fileName());
file = info.dir().absoluteFilePath(file);
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