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    [openfortivpn] Implement VPN plugin for openfortivpn. JB#48797 · 2213c44e
    Alexey authored
    Co-authored-by: Jussi Laakkonen's avatarJussi Laakkonen <jussi.laakkonen@jolla.com>
    This adds a new VPN plugin that uses openfortivpn binary to access
    FortiNet VPNs with the help of ppp. Code is based on existing L2TP and
    OpenConnect plugins. Plugin structure follows same approach as in L2TP
    plugin. Property management is similar to OpenConnect plugin.
    Additionally, via patch in openfortivpn, --trust-all-certs, is supported
    as a property to disable certificate signature checks. Following
    properties are supported so far, which are saved to the settings:
     Name                              Value                Option
     openfortivpn.AllowSelfSignedCert  string: true|false   --trust-all-certs
     openfortivpn.TrustedCert          string: fingerprint  --trusted-cert
     openfortivpn.Port                 string: digits
    By default, if Port is omitted, openfortivpn uses port 10433.
    Signed-off-by: Alexey's avatarAlexey Andreev <a.andreev@omprussia.ru>
    Signed-off-by: Jussi Laakkonen's avatarJussi Laakkonen <jussi.laakkonen@jolla.com>
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