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    vpn-provider: Support split routing option for VPN providers · 0a72d0ab
    Jussi Laakkonen authored
    [vpn-provider] Support split routing option for VPN providers. JB#45606
    Add the same option as service.c has on connmand side to vpnd in
    vpn-provider.c. Replace all uses of default route except in supporting
    it as a legacy option when loading from config value and receiving via
    D-Bus API. SplitRouting is a boolean in every form, internal, settings
    file and in D-Bus API.
    The "DefaultRoute" is converted to "SplitRouting" if it exists in the
    settings file. Also, if some component wishes to use still
    "DefaultRoute" it is converted to "SplitRouting" when received via D-Bus
    API. DefaultRoute "true" means the same as SplitRouting bool false.
    Property change notifications on DefaultRoute are not sent anymore and
    these are replaced with SplitRouting notifications.
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