Commit a5ae71b7 authored by Slava Monich's avatar Slava Monich

[connman] Add connman_service_get_saved() API. JB#47990

It's needed by Sailfish OS wifi plugin to determine which networks
are pre-configured and have to be reported to the connman core
immediately after they've been seen in the air.
parent 989f7988
......@@ -128,6 +128,7 @@ char **connman_service_get_proxy_excludes(struct connman_service *service);
const char *connman_service_get_proxy_url(struct connman_service *service);
const char *connman_service_get_proxy_autoconfig(struct connman_service *service);
bool connman_service_get_favorite(struct connman_service *service);
bool connman_service_get_saved(struct connman_service *service);
bool connman_service_get_autoconnect(struct connman_service *service);
bool connman_service_set_autoconnect(struct connman_service *service,
bool autoconnect);
......@@ -6990,6 +6990,11 @@ bool connman_service_get_favorite(struct connman_service *service)
return service->favorite;
bool connman_service_get_saved(struct connman_service *service)
return service_saved_value(service);
bool connman_service_get_autoconnect(struct connman_service *service)
return service->autoconnect;
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