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    Squashed 'connman/' changes from 075e1bb..97c3189 · c447d841
    Lorn Potter authored
    97c3189 Release 1.22
    86373b4 dnsproxy: Check split routing when creating a server
    27dba28 gdbus: Add g_dbus_client_set_ready_watch()
    8bc2a4e dnsproxy: Destroy list using g_list_free_full
    a33522d AUTHORS: Mention Maneesh's contributions
    5ecc2a1 doc: Add API documentation about WiFi P2P Peer
    48d43a8 test: Add method related to P2P services
    73f8579 gsupplicant: Fix WPS sync-up error with wpa_supplicant
    e5c6a34 session: Set state to disconnected when deactivating a session
    ee485f6 service: Use connect reason from the failed service
    90334bf session: Don't sent disconnects to sessions when updating
    9d727fd session: Disconnect on configuration or session change
    dd3492f session: Allow Session Connect and Disconnect be called multiple times
    3b6f9c2 client: Allow Session Connect and Disconnect be called multiple times
    e377722 session: Remove session, not service, from session list
    2dba966 session: Do not remove non existing policy routing tables
    aae5825 session: Do no create two instances of struct connman_service_info
    76cb209 session: Update active sessions only on Session Connect and Disconnect
    ddf176a nfacct: Remove support for NFACCT
    fa4176b session: Remove unused NFACCT rules
    32e260c session_policy_local: Do not use NULL as key to do a hash table lookup
    404c4a4 stats: Use bool type instead integer
    47b56b8 session: Update session state only after activation has been tried
    3cf2e18 session: Expand '*' to all bearer types
    027cbb0 AUTHORS: Mention Andrew's contributions
    844286e doc: Update connection managment algorithm
    4990bf7 test: Add a script to test P2P through wpa_supplicant DBus if
    a1d11b7 test: Remove useless supplicant's old DBus interface test script
    095a8f7 gdhcp: Refactor renew/rebind method
    cd2c5c5 gdbus: Replace g_timeout_add with g_idle_add
    c42a5f9 gdbus: Fix incorrect DBusConnection reference counting
    72cc087 gdbus: Fix memory leak
    12aad90 ntp: Exponential backoff when timeouting a sent message
    eef5afa ntp: Support Kiss-of-Death packet
    aed46d8 service: Check session policy before autoconnect is run.
    0f76471 session: Add session policy autoconnect support
    0e8b339 session: Make session policy global
    1f7f926 session: Assign a service to sessions
    d4cadd8 service: Disconnect on when last session is deactivated
    5280685 service: Add connect reason to debug out in auto connnect
    1a24280 service: Add connect reason to __connman_serice_auto_connect()
    afd8f2d service: Add connect reason to __connman_service_connect()
    88b837e session: Mark session active or inactive
    470013d session: Remove service selection implementation
    ec09003 Add Gadget session and weighting support.
    1a831b6 AUTHORS: Mention Glenn's and Jonathan's contributions
    996cbf1 src: Let systemd unmount remote filesystems before stopping connman
    a587af9 src: Add D-Bus autostart configuration file
    6ad4048 plugins: Add networking support to gadget plugin.
    c09371c src: Introduce define for CONNMAN_NETWORK_TYPE_GADGET.
    9abdf5f plugins: Refactor Gadget into separate plugin and file.
    1e4e965 AUTHORS: Mention Hannu's contributions
    30e16a1 ntp: Only accept NTP packets from the defined time server
    a29da8c wispr: Handle wispr redirect properly
    23fdeed inet: Eliminate misleading error logging
    cb88f96 AUTHORS: Mention Philippe's contributions
    089e52f README: Update recommended wpa_supplicant version and web page info
    3bb94d4 gdhcp: Factor out DHCP Request sending
    bd37ce0 Add REBOOTING state support for dhcp client
    289c7fc gsupplicant: Rely on wpa_supplicant retry mechanism
    9e59cc8 AUTHORS: Mention Alban's contributions
    82ad017 config: add ifb in NetworkInterfaceBlacklist default
    63aeaf6 src: Add Eduroam network .config file
    0d7ad08 doc: Fix formatting
    2ca6fb4 dnsproxy: Enable added DNS servers only for the default service
    4f04f75 service: Add helper function for detecting a default service index
    7b415b9 test: Add script for setting timezone
    fefd145 client: Add initial completion for config and session commands
    bd03493 client: Add support for monitor command completion
    12c6a7a client: Add completion for tether command
    f27040c client: Add on/off completion support for agent modes
    95d42a7 client: Complete only one service or technology where appropriate
    bee4ba8 client: Add helper function for ending readline completion
    27088b9 client: Remove extra string duplication when completing commands
    0f1dee2 client: Export command line word count function
    git-subtree-dir: connman
    git-subtree-split: 97c31890592867cc047154bc385d97620c3bb2f0
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