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    [connman] Add access control to connman-vpn dbus interface. Contributes to JB#45379 · 9c30b7d1
    flypig authored
    Currently access to the connman-vpn dbus interfaces (connection and
    manager) are controlled only by the policy config, which sets `<policy
    at_console="true">`, allowing access to all users.
    This change adds internal access control to the connection dbus
    interface, which is configurable using a similar plugin approach as the
    existing access method implemented for connman. It also adds a
    Sailfish-specific plugin that blocks access for non-privileged users
    base on a policy file installed at /etc/connman/vpn-dbus-access.conf.
    The exceptions are the GetProperties and GetConnections dbus methods
    which are available to all users (including nemo).
    This Sailfish configuration is needed for MDM, to prevent users from
    being able to connect to and disconnect from VPNs when this capability
    is being restricted by the MDM policy.
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