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    [connman] Added net.connman.Service.RestrictedPropertyChanged signal. JB#37923 · 4b7a00b9
    Slava Monich authored
    Added GetProperty method and RestrictedPropertyChanged signal
    to the net.connman.Service interface. The signal is emitted
    instead of the PropertyChanged signal for the properties that
    are not wide open to everyone. The client has to call GetProperty
    to query the new value and to have its access checked.
    Currently GetProperty only works for restricted properties in
    order to reduce the amount of patching even though it might be
    logical if it worked for any property. However, for a normal
    wide-open property it will return net.connman.InvalidArguments
    The only use for GetProperty is to query the new value after
    receiving the RestrictedPropertyChanged signal - the normal
    GetProperties call return all the properties that the client
    has access to.
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