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    [connman] Sailfish iptables API support. Contributes to JB#39338 · 113f670c
    Jussi Laakkonen authored
    Adds support for managing iptables content via ConnMan. The header to
    include: iptables_ext.h, which is installed as part of devel package.
    Functionalities implemented for plugins to use:
     - Chain management (new, delete, flush, find)
     - Iptables rule management (insert, append, delete)
     - Commit iptables changes
     - Change iptables policy
     - Save, load and clear iptables
        - Each table is saved to STORAREDIR/iptables/{tablename}.v4
        - Saving is done by connman at startup/shutdown.
        - Saving of iptables feature is adapted from iptables source.
     - Get iptables content
    These functionalities do not restrict use of specific iptables table.
    Except use of chains or targets with "connman-" in name is prevented.
    Upgrade iptables' xtables library build requirement to >= 1.6.1.
    Upgrade iptables install requirement to >= 1.6.1.
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