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    connection: Check for active flag when updating default gateway · 45b5defc
    Jussi Laakkonen authored
    Set default gateway if it has been updated or if it has not been set as
    active yet.
    The check for active interface is required in cases that are induced by
    a race condition caused by a change of interfaces that are either too
    fast or too slow to go down, or to get up. In such case the interface
    that should be used as default gateway may end up with no default route
    set in routing table.
    This is because the change happens in a situation where the old default
    service A going down is still online, when the new service B that is
    becoming the new default, is still in ready state. The new default
    service B is not detected as default gateway because of the service list
    order. The new service B has been added to gateway_hash and the routes
    other than the default route have been set into routing table.
    After this the routes of the old default service A are removed but
    because of the old default service A still being the default service
    according to service list, the removal of routes of the old default
    service A does not get the new default gateway B to be selected as the
    default gateway. After this the old default service A is properly
    disconnected and set to idle setting the new default service B as the
    default service.
    The next call to this update gateway function results in a situation where
    updated flag is not set, hence new default service B is the only one in
    the gateway_hash. By checking also the active flag of the gateway the
    new default gateway B in the scenario above will have a default route
    set also in routing table.
    [connman] Check active flag when updating gateway. Contributes to JB#42017
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