1. 12 Apr, 2014 1 commit
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      Squashed 'connman/' changes from 075e1bb..97c3189 · c447d841
      Lorn Potter authored
      97c3189 Release 1.22
      86373b4 dnsproxy: Check split routing when creating a server
      27dba28 gdbus: Add g_dbus_client_set_ready_watch()
      8bc2a4e dnsproxy: Destroy list using g_list_free_full
      a33522d AUTHORS: Mention Maneesh's contributions
      5ecc2a1 doc: Add API documentation about WiFi P2P Peer
      48d43a8 test: Add method related to P2P services
      73f8579 gsupplicant: Fix WPS sync-up error with wpa_supplicant
      e5c6a34 session: Set state to disconnected when deactivating a session
      ee485f6 service: Use connect reason from the failed service
      90334bf session: Don't sent disconnects to sessions when updating
      9d727fd session: Disconnect on configuration or session change
      dd3492f session: Allow Session Connect and Disconnect be called multiple times
      3b6f9c2 client: Allow Session Connect and Disconnect be called multiple times
      e377722 session: Remove session, not service, from session list
      2dba966 session: Do not remove non existing policy routing tables
      aae5825 session: Do no create two instances of struct connman_service_info
      76cb209 session: Update active sessions only on Session Connect and Disconnect
      ddf176a nfacct: Remove support for NFACCT
      fa4176b session: Remove unused NFACCT rules
      32e260c session_policy_local: Do not use NULL as key to do a hash table lookup
      404c4a4 stats: Use bool type instead integer
      47b56b8 session: Update session state only after activation has been tried
      3cf2e18 session: Expand '*' to all bearer types
      027cbb0 AUTHORS: Mention Andrew's contributions
      844286e doc: Update connection managment algorithm
      4990bf7 test: Add a script to test P2P through wpa_supplicant DBus if
      a1d11b7 test: Remove useless supplicant's old DBus interface test script
      095a8f7 gdhcp: Refactor renew/rebind method
      cd2c5c5 gdbus: Replace g_timeout_add with g_idle_add
      c42a5f9 gdbus: Fix incorrect DBusConnection reference counting
      72cc087 gdbus: Fix memory leak
      12aad90 ntp: Exponential backoff when timeouting a sent message
      eef5afa ntp: Support Kiss-of-Death packet
      aed46d8 service: Check session policy before autoconnect is run.
      0f76471 session: Add session policy autoconnect support
      0e8b339 session: Make session policy global
      1f7f926 session: Assign a service to sessions
      d4cadd8 service: Disconnect on when last session is deactivated
      5280685 service: Add connect reason to debug out in auto connnect
      1a24280 service: Add connect reason to __connman_serice_auto_connect()
      afd8f2d service: Add connect reason to __connman_service_connect()
      88b837e session: Mark session active or inactive
      470013d session: Remove service selection implementation
      ec09003 Add Gadget session and weighting support.
      1a831b6 AUTHORS: Mention Glenn's and Jonathan's contributions
      996cbf1 src: Let systemd unmount remote filesystems before stopping connman
      a587af9 src: Add D-Bus autostart configuration file
      6ad4048 plugins: Add networking support to gadget plugin.
      c09371c src: Introduce define for CONNMAN_NETWORK_TYPE_GADGET.
      9abdf5f plugins: Refactor Gadget into separate plugin and file.
      1e4e965 AUTHORS: Mention Hannu's contributions
      30e16a1 ntp: Only accept NTP packets from the defined time server
      a29da8c wispr: Handle wispr redirect properly
      23fdeed inet: Eliminate misleading error logging
      cb88f96 AUTHORS: Mention Philippe's contributions
      089e52f README: Update recommended wpa_supplicant version and web page info
      3bb94d4 gdhcp: Factor out DHCP Request sending
      bd37ce0 Add REBOOTING state support for dhcp client
      289c7fc gsupplicant: Rely on wpa_supplicant retry mechanism
      9e59cc8 AUTHORS: Mention Alban's contributions
      82ad017 config: add ifb in NetworkInterfaceBlacklist default
      63aeaf6 src: Add Eduroam network .config file
      0d7ad08 doc: Fix formatting
      2ca6fb4 dnsproxy: Enable added DNS servers only for the default service
      4f04f75 service: Add helper function for detecting a default service index
      7b415b9 test: Add script for setting timezone
      fefd145 client: Add initial completion for config and session commands
      bd03493 client: Add support for monitor command completion
      12c6a7a client: Add completion for tether command
      f27040c client: Add on/off completion support for agent modes
      95d42a7 client: Complete only one service or technology where appropriate
      bee4ba8 client: Add helper function for ending readline completion
      27088b9 client: Remove extra string duplication when completing commands
      0f1dee2 client: Export command line word count function
      git-subtree-dir: connman
      git-subtree-split: 97c31890592867cc047154bc385d97620c3bb2f0
  2. 14 Mar, 2014 1 commit
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      Squashed 'connman/' changes from eda292c..075e1bb · cbb12cfd
      Lorn Potter authored
      075e1bb Release 1.21
      8e5b064 device: Security should be provided when scanning for a hidden SSID
      9768e63 AUTHORS: Mention Sjoerd's contributions
      bdd3f1c gweb: Handle proxies as addresses and hostnames
      b601ede .mailmap: Capitalize Zhengguang's name
      7b7343b wifi: Remove WiFi.AgentPassphrase from the wifi plugin
      d087ff2 network: Remove WiFi.AgentPassphrase from network
      fb2d1c5 service: Remove duplicate EAP AgentPassphrase information
      2ea3cb6 network: Return error code instead of boolean
      68f0816 dnsproxy: Check if socket is valid before using it
      6228f41 gsupplicant: Remove useless NULL pointer checks
      557f99d tools: Ignore errors about deprecated g_test_trap_fork
      8465f78 AUTHORS: Mention Jaehyun's and Zhengguang's contributions
      df66c9c bluetooth: Fix failure when enabling Bluez 5.x adapter
      3bba8c7 build: Remove gtk-doc infrastructure
      08b9ffe gweb: Add checks to validate DNS buffer
      91913c4 gsupplicant: A network ssid of length 0 is valid, it's an hidden one
      8047f3d Release 1.20
      03a7957 AUTHORS: Mention Bastien's, Michael's and Mateusz' contributions
      cc63e68 service: Call disconnect notifier when leaving 'ready' or 'online' states.
      0e2ee70 bluetooth_legacy: Handle network removal in the middle of enabling
      363393c gsupplicant: Fix empty string test
      3412d72 gsupplicant: Remove useless NULL pointer check
      92472e8 gdhcp: Return proper error values
      8ae0c48 session: Warn if nfacct support is missing
      11f302a service: Call disconnect notifier only when connected
      984b911 service: Update nameservers after IP state check
      e174b78 service: Use only nameservers whose IP type is enabled
      8df91a1 gsupplicant: Fix invalid memory access when network interface is removed
      a05682b gsupplicant: Support function to call any pending callbacks
      cd27afe build: Undefine _FORTIFY_SOURCE before redefining it
      4e9355a network: Do not access pointer after testing its valitiy
      373e56a nat: Free all resources in error case
      8f48beb hh2serial-gps: Check error returns when during init()
      ed11856 l2tp: Close file descriptors after use
      377da67 iptables: Remove dead code
      af4419c ipconfig: Remove dead code
      155863b gdhcp: Remove dead code
      284c964 client: strerror expects positive error codes
      1987d61 6to4: Return error code when tunnel_create() fails
      9dfd3fc dnsproxy: Check return value of get_req_udp_socket()
      080bc05 provider: __connman_error_failed() expects positive error codes
      9f245e1 vpn-manager: __connman_error_failed() expects positive error codes
      e5cdf25 nfacct: Don't setup nfacct until it's relevant to do so
      14cd5fd firewall: Don't do anything with iptables until really necessary
      9774fa2 service: Return fallback nameservers when no other available
      4a08c3b ntp: Support NTPv3 protocol version
      f05ee18 dnsproxy-test: Close socket in error path
      e6c7b22 tap-test: Set device name with null termination
      f066853 wifi: Do not access unitialized timestamp
      e6390f5 ipv4ll: Initialize socket variable
      0457297 log: Do not access array out of bounds
      17a300a timezone: Null terminate pathname
      bd27133 rtnl: Do not access variables out of scope
      0390d2b inet: Initialize flags to 0
      b99a849 core: Set device name with null termination
      cf09d7c inet: Close socket when leaving function early
      2f00994 dbus: Initialize uid for error path
      b39dfae service: Enable split routing
      4da8143 bluetooth-legacy: Do not turn off hci device when ConnMan stops
      62f62af bluetooth: Do not turn off hci device when ConnMan stops
      496f513 device: Disable had too strict checks which can prevent disconnect
      e08c88a dnsproxy: name variable should be initialized
      7e2d1ec network: Remove adhoc check as it is not needed
      e08e8f5 wifi: Ignore adhoc networks
      4905dc1 wifi: Reset device retry count on failure
      70388d1 wifi: Remove redundant initialization of zero'd wifi_data
      e2703e2 dhcp: Add useful IPv4 ll debug information
      32c1abe dhcp: Stop IPv4 ll state machine properly
      a710cd3 gdbus: Fix trying to remove already removed sources
      a44997b session: Remove policy_probe()
      386f340 AUTHORS: Mention Chengyi's and Tysen's contributions
      0465d8a iptables: iptables_replace returns the wrong error code
      9f4185b ipconfig: Do not remember interface name
      bcb7f23 rtnl: Do not remember interface name
      8c7e5d0 technology: Do not use interface name when adding interface
      168b6d8 technology: Do not use interface name when removing interface
      1c81ca7 vpn: Removed unused interface name variable
      d06050d rtnl: Set service type to unknown if interface can not be found
      da0f632 network: Stop DHCP for a failed network
      39b0822 gweb: Fix memory leak in session address
      51fb2c8 scripts: Function prototype fixes when function has no parameters
      8fc31fe plugins: Function prototype fixes when function has no parameters
      5c7a37b vpn: Function prototype fixes when function has no parameters
      671c905 tools: Function prototype fixes when function has no parameters
      ded0e13 src: Function prototype fixes when function has no parameters
      278e0ce dnsproxy: Fix crash because cache is NULL
      489127f gdbus: Remove not needed check for NULL DBusPendingCall
      575de63 gdbus: Check for NULL DBusPendingCall in g_dbus_send_message_with_reply
      4f9d0f6 Release 1.19
      af6d530 main.conf: Update FallbackNameservers description
      56ca4ac service: Add fallback nameservers to the Nameservers property
      10fe61d resolver: Use fallback nameservers when none are otherwise supplied
      87919ec config: Set the list separator to be comma
      86c6980 wispr: Get the proper proxy address from the result
      38b75ab gweb: Properly proceed a request through a proxy when one is set
      aaafe0b service: Proxy should be reset when disconnecting
      3ddbe85 pacrunner: Let ConnMan autostart PACrunner when doing proxy lookup
      eb768d3 session: Remove struct service_entry
      4833fcf session: Remove connect reason from struct service_entry
      536367c service: Remove state argument from service_iterator_cb()
      5edc149 session: Use service state getter
      89ae11a service: Add getter for service state
      8ecefc4 session: Move service_entry to struct connman_session
      6715a43 session: Use a hash table to lookup sessions by service_entry
      3de0402 service: Remove service name in service_iterate_cb()
      8314cd2 session: Do not cache service name, type or bearer
      8bd49d8 service: Run autoconnect on service disconnects
      64fd6a0 device: Remove unused reconnect setting functions
      7963aad service: Remove reconnect functions
      98d2b81 service: Log only on service add and remove from network
      a632fc3 service: Reduce logging when appending properties
      1b87cd7 device: Do not cleanup already provisioned interfaces
      39a68b3 inet: Add function to return interface IPv4 address and netmask
      fd9f99e config: Add function to check if IP address is provisioned
      0e46b1c TODO: Fix formatting
      ee65cb1 TODO: Add VPNC and OpenVPN VPN Agent task
      f9e2b0f service: Load and save VPN autoconnect state
      49e739a service: Add VPN autoconnect
      e85f2f2 service: Update service list sorting
      909990b client: Add a no-op input handler
      b2199d0 client: Fix unintended Manager monitor messages
      3a92f7e vpn: Update error_code() signature change
      fb92c17 openconnect: Unset Cookie on login failed
      c4a0275 vpn: Add provider struct to error code function
      2cce14a service: Check for immutable VPN service properties
      f0455e2 provider: Add a provider-specific immutable flag
      3d3b374 service: Take ordering into account when comparing connected services
      664e9c0 service: Fix VPN and service list order
      b80cddd core: Make stats hash table static
      eba9a6e service: Simplify return code in connman_service_get_timeservers()
      8133c32 dhcp: Store host and domain name in service struct
      ba9ec13 service: Set host and domain names when default service changes
      94804e1 service: Add functions to set/get a host name per service
      aa5b7d3 gdbus/client: Use g_dbus_add_properties_watch to track properties
      b2e7c61 gdbus/client: Use g_dbus_add_signal_watch to track signals
      5350bac gdbus/client: Use g_dbus_add_service_watch to track services
      807509e gdbus/watch: Fix crash when disconnecting from D-Bus
      8996db2 gdbus/watch: Fix aborting when removing D-Bus filter
      b169ad9 gdbus/watch: Fix crash when g_dbus_remove_watch is called from connect callback
      a5238e7 TODO: Mark Session API implementation done
      ea838d8 notifier: Use MAX_CONNMAN_SERVICE_TYPES instead of MAX_TECHNOLOGIES
      ce9fcdb session: Remove pending functions
      0db0d38 service: Remove session reference counting functions
      ac73850 session: Remove service reference counting
      0d69def doc: Update SessionMode description
      34e6ffb manager: Remove implementation around SessionMode
      f863575 session: Only add and remove connected services
      ebe52c5 service: Add helper function for fetching the name of a service
      3ae61c3 session: Remove calls to service connect and disconnect
      0a9606e service: Use session information when autoconnecting
      fdcda5a session: Update autoconnect with active session service types
      3526fbf service: Add function counting number of sessions using a service type
      98473aa service: Reorganize service autoconnect function
      75ec8d2 service: Simplify autoconnect code
      c0a1d90 tools: Update session unit tests
      c71bd85 tools: Fix already exists test
      4121dbe TODO: Mark multiple agents task done
      ba87b99 agent: Make sure there is an agent before asking user
      6352c3f vpn: Make sure there is an agent before asking user
      c53b88e agent: Add multi agent support
      1b986e1 agent: API changes required for multi agent support
      b7b0d64 vpn: Unregister agent driver before removing provider
      1b0629f service: Unregister agent driver before removing service
      bfaa23f agent: Check that message exists before calling dbus
      cb25395 agent: Change the name of the agent struct
      3ca00a8 gdbus: Fix emitting PropertiesChanged twice
      0d86c21 gdbus: Avoid calling dbus_connection_send*
      31764f9 gdbus: Add g_dbus_send_message_with_reply
      202b74f gdbus: Fix sending ObjectManager/Properties signals out of order
      5619eb9 config: Allow omitting gateway from IPv4 and IPv6 setting
      7cc0b72 service: Change default service before updating service order
      2be7d77 service: Do not change default service if new default is not connected
      1ffe8aa service: Re-doing wispr check needs to increment service ref count
      b1741a0 service: Clear default service pointer when service is removed
      c9d8a0a service: More debug prints when default service is changed
      110abe3 ipconfig: Fix possible memory leak in ipconfig loading
      55ec085 ipconfig: Make sure IPv4 method is set before saving it
      21cace4 vpn-provider: ProtocolFamily is an int32
      d40329b ofono: Remove unused variable
      4dc3410 bluetooth: Leading whitespace fix
      d1665b4 bluetooth: Use dbus_bool_t when accessing a D-Bus boolean
      dda5546 dundee: 32bits boolean should be used due to dbus in relevant places
      1281e8b vpn: 32bits boolean should be used due to dbus in relevant places
      1997f45 ofono: 32bits boolean should be used due to dbus in relevant places
      13fe78c service: 32bits boolean should be used due to dbus in relevant places
      479c973 technology: 32bits boolean should be used due to dbus in relevant places
      cf064e9 Release 1.18
      a5d3817 TODO: Update command line client task
      33ebe58 service: Debug print caused segfault
      377c594 doc: Improve plugin documentation
      4215992 log: Replace timebased ratelimit function with one that prints once
      1ef0b07 service: Do not clear 802.1x credentials when connecting
      167dc80 loopback: Fix spelling of loopback
      719dcfb config: Return success after reading ethernet service section
      316cfc4 AUTHORS: Mention Luca's and Peter's contributions
      92cf003 vpn: Document that values in vpn-config-format.txt do not comprise whitespace
      4c66d75 vpn: Use function to trim trailing whitespace
      2d61b56 vpn: Add functions trimming trailing whitespace when reading config values
      a9c7ad1 doc: Document that values in config-format.txt do not comprise whitespace
      eb9da48 config: Use function to trim trailing whitespace when reading config files
      a380bb1 config: Add functions trimming trailing whitespace when reading config values
      24ed0b2 ipconfig: Accept correct spelling of preferred
      db95cff client: Display correct spelling of preferred in connmanctl usage text
      b33b5c2 doc: Fix typo of preferred
      8d2d14c doc: Fix typos in advanced-configuration.txt
      a996d84 client: Fix setting session state to disconnected
      0350fc3 wifi: Fix a memory leak when trying to connect a disconnecting network
      b872618 rtnl: Print out warning when WEXT newlink messages are seen
      95cde6f log: Add rate limiting warn message
      8e4b5d7 gsupplicant: Use uint32 instead of string for wep_tx_keyidx
      26ada06 client: Add Session configuration support
      0b0dfaf client: Add support functions for Session Update message creation
      b8c8540 client: Add Session notification printing and Release handling
      6150b8a client: Initial session support
      ed2d980 client: Add helper function for adding a D-Bus dict
      52ec323 client: Add append function to D-Bus method call helper
      c43d3a5 main: Use gboolean type in GOptionEntry
      115cb9c readme: Document kernel options needed by session
      ba4d4ed nfacct: Make sure nfacct is there before accessing it
      d482e18 iptables: Alignment fixes
      b5d9c25 client: Remove unnecessary printout
      2d1f9cd client: Rename command completion callback function
      892b803 client: Implement autocompletion for offline mode
      5a3c477 client: Fix service and technology completion while monitoring
      55f6589 client: Add completion for technologies
      0ef9b74 client: Add completion for services
      477173f Release 1.17
      8378438 tethering: Check failure if NAT cannot be enabled
      024c06d inet: Clarify the code by not casting the function pointer
      1dc0844 dhcpv6: Timeout timer was not cleared after receiving a reply
      eadec4e todo: Mark DHCPv6 DECLINE message support done
      e51c91f dhcpv6: Check if we need to do DAD
      c7fcf8f dhcpv6: Add DECLINE message support
      61be283 dhcpv6: Use different callback than DHCPv4
      ebd29dc gdhcp: Add DHCPv6 DECLINE message checks
      1da88d5 gdhcp: Add function that adds addresses to IA_NA or IA_TA options
      ca32a30 gdhcp: Add function to remove DHCPv6 options that should not be sent to server
      508526d dhcpv6: Added duplicate address detection calls
      06c892f service: Do not try to save if service is NULL
      7351d73 inet: Add function for IPv6 Duplicate Address Detection
      fd2c1d4 main: Ensure the end of service type list is set properly
      9857cd6 session: Use D-Bus owner to create unique paths for sessions
      d146379 session: Error function expects positive values
      d811fdb tools: Fix compilation warning on possible uninitialization
      65f1ff1 service: Do not send state changed signal if we are already in idle state
      6b64387 service: Newline cleanup
      38c1662 dhcpv6: Expire time was incorrectly calculated
      60ee35f ippool: IP address collision fix
      d2b3f4e ippool: Removed inclusion of getopt.h as it is not needed
      6185fd6 wifi: Postpone an hidden discovery if a scan is already running
      5786830 device: Let the scan function to decide on current status
      419c4c7 gsupplicant: Make sure it's possible to scan again when a scan is done
      600f186 openvpn: Don't set additional VPN network properties
      c96f0cc pptp: Don't set additional VPN network properties
      c871ca6 l2tp: Don't set additional VPN network properties
      312270a doc: Update Service API doc with provisioned and hidden WiFi
      444e084 doc: Change coding style for NULL pointer checks
      8e0b538 tools: Fix whitespace issue
      aa1e9fb shared: Fix whitespace issue
      7cc0e05 core: Fix overlong line
      0f418b4 gweb: Fix overlong line
      90cdfca gdhcp: Fix overlong line
      747f6ca client: Remove unnecessary braches
      72f711b client: Fix whitespace issues
      6764183 core: Do not compare expression against NULL
      313d102 vpn: Do not compare expression against NULL
      a0a24ba unit: Do not compare expression against NULL
      c879c4f tools: Do not compare expression against NULL
      bd99aaa core: Do not compare expression against NULL
      bc16b1a scripts: Do not compare expression against NULL
      9c779a4 plugins: Do not compare expression against NULL
      98cd55e gweb: Do not compare expression against NULL
      555a166 gsupplicant: Do not compare expression against NULL
      fae59f2 gdhcp: Do not compare expression against NULL
      b8311f9 client: Do not compare expression against NULL
      37472f1 ofono: Use dbus_bool_t for D-Bus functions
      68445cb dnsproxy: Possible socket leak if running out of memory
      d6a3a39 bluetooth: Check pointer for null before passing to strcmp()
      72fc5cf bluetooth: Address pointer might be null when creating nap
      c27e223 client: Avoid possible uninitialized memory access
      242bb5a dhcpv6: Check that prefix is in valid range
      5a46026 gdhcp: Remove obsolete dhcpv6 support functions
      4f3a601 gdhcp: Remove function to set the dhcpv6 expire time
      584fecd dhcpv6: Fix rebind when doing prefix delegation
      e513e25 dhcpv6: Start solicitation if addresses expired
      038c6fd dhcpv6: Fixing the renew and rebind logic
      f07141b dhcpv6: REBIND IA option was missing IP addresses
      f281d25 dhcpv6: REBIND was sent too late
      884babd dhcpv6: Do REBIND after T2
      305b607 client: Don't pretty-print hidden WiFi network as '<hidden>'
      6fd9e3f service: Always notify pending D-Bus clients of disconnect
      862159c doc: Document that unplugging Ethernet will remove the service
      e67f44e README: Add info how to create traces with timestamps
      8c99c24 dhcp: Add interface index to DHCP debug label
      a063238 gdhcp: Use REQUEST_TIMEOUT for renew request
      8bf42fc dhcp: Add a separate DHCP client for IPv4LL
      6feedae gdhcp: Report no lease found instead of starting IPv4LL
      0508254 AUTHORS: Mention Terry's contributions
      c562954 gdhcp: Fix byte order for send_discover()
      7a2d00e technology: Do not send any rfkill to kernel after receiving one
      10ce0a8 technology: Check hardblock when returning from offline mode
      7044545 gsupplicant: Only add interface when wpa_supplicant is in ready state
      507c98f dhcp: Pass in stdbool type values to the DHCP callback
      fd9e5c6 ofono: Fix bool type for D-Bus message
      40aa7a2 technology: Fix style issue caused by earlier coccinelle patch
      7026821 session-utils: Use g_test_add_vtable directly
      d4d6f5d vpnc: Use stdbool defines for true and false
      d4fa1ce main: Use stdbool defines for true and false
      fbf9f8d config: Use stdbool defines for true and false
      543dbfd connection: Use bool type instead of int
      d052eb3 TODO: Mark bool cleanup done
      86d2592 build: Remove unsued types.h header
      15d8db8 vpn: Whitespace cleanup
      817053d unit: Whitespace cleanup
      c75d61f tools: Whitespace cleanup
      8847596 core: Whitespace cleanup
      e1eedf1 scripts: Whitespace cleanup
      7918142 gsupplicant: Whitespace cleanup
      2f4c06d gdhcp: Whitespace cleanup
      571fdfd client: Whitespace cleanup
      ad7abb5 plugins: Whitespace cleanup
      b89fa6d vpn: Convert to stdbool with coccinelle
      0f3df75 unit: Convert to stdbool with coccinelle
      47e034b tools: Convert to stdbool with coccinelle
      a56c9f7 core: Convert to stdbool with coccinelle
      bf61588 scripts: Convert to stdbool with coccinelle
      304dfa9 plugins: Convert to stdbool with coccinelle
      30773ab include: Convert to stdbool with coccinelle
      8c2ca22 gweb: Convert to stdbool with coccinelle
      165eec0 gsupplicant: Convert to stdbool with coccinelle
      11ee4af gdhcp: Convert to stdbool with coccinelle
      df2ae22 client: Convert to stdbool with coccinelle
      0ca492b core: Included stdbool.h
      5d56021 plugins: Included stdbool.h
      5b87a18 tools: fix include
      5b4bbff gdhcp: Included stdbool.h
      1a8e8a3 gweb: Included stdbool.h
      e25fc73 vpn: Included stdbool.h
      22afaa9 include: Included stdbool.h
      a77455e vpn: Use dbus_bool_t with D-Bus functions
      14b4bba tools Use dbus_bool_t with D-Bus functions
      5d92b1e plugins: Use dbus_bool_t with D-Bus functions
      647ecc0 core: Use dbus_bool_t with D-Bus functions
      1f63c00 dnsproxy: Use boolean variables correctly
      c190e46 session-test: Pass in struct test_fix into tests
      adce56f session: Use GLib typedef for callback
      1daa424 timeserver: Fix ts_recheck() signature
      3cf33b7 readme: USB gadget tethering kernel options added
      be294f9 ethernet: Create USB gadget device driver
      ad79c1a technology: Return error if no devices can be found for a technology
      339f05f technology: Technology must have a name when saving its data
      9d1fbfe technology: USB gadget technology type had no name
      f020c1e wifi: Make sure we ref the network before using it in callback
      677b2d4 session: Do not delete invalid policy routing entry
      ae6afc2 build: Build a simpler version of libgdbus-internal
      42cf3ab build-sys: Use libgdbus-internal.la
      70e7b0d doc: Add information how Technologies can be controlled
      48dbff3 technology: Follow external rfkill events and act accordingly
      c3c35b8 technology: Checking offline mode separately when rfkill device is added
      f2a958c technology: Do not activate technology if returning from hardblock while in offline mode
      5378ab9 technology: Print information when technogy is switched on
      54f0d5c Release 1.16
      831028d AUTHORS: Mention Constantin's contributions
      8b1f599 inet: Check parameters before trying to clear IP address
      46bbe4e wifi: Memory leak when creating a supplicant scan request
      8b952da plugin: Remove NEED_THREADS
      5bd3965 service: Send state changed signal after downgrading state
      ea030b9 nat: Use managed iptables API for MASQUERADE rule
      db4dc1a dhcpv6: Update service DNS search domain list
      edcb7fa service: Add function to update the DNS search domain list
      bb06c47 gdhcp: Domain search list DHCPv6 option is checked
      df37290 dhcpv6: Do not send DNS options in CONFIRM message
      b3a7700 readme: Add bug reporting information
      31005cf build: Remove unused --enable-threads configure switch
      ffe6305 wifi: Interface creation callback might arise when it is not ready yet
      f62d6d6 nfacct: Use unsigned int for error codes
      c7e1574 shared/nfacct: Use unsigned int for error codes
      d534dc6 shared/netlink: Use unsigned int for error codes
      a727163 shared/util: Move cb_data_new() helpers to util header
      f3775eb readme: Clarify how the wpa_supplicant D-Bus autostart behaves
      a0786d8 client: Support openconnect Agent API fields
      2052499 openconnect: Add support for final VPN server
      0a99d79 openconnect: Use VPN string OpenConnect.ServerCert
      67df5dc openconnect: Use OpenConnect.ServerCert from the RequestInput reply
      45d6b58 openconnect: The --cafile argument is not needed for openconnect
      daadd1b openconnect: Drop cookie argument from run_connect()
      e4ce120 openconnect: Use oc_private_data instead of request_input_reply
      90dffd5 openconnect: Move code earlier in the file
      d758a7b openconnect: Request missing openconnect information
      70880bb doc: Document openconnect certificate and server options
      f101bba dhcpv6: Set addresses after we have checked the status code
      d79565c dhcpv6: Set addresses from CONFIRM reply if status is ok
      06b4396 dhcpv6: Most of the reply error handling was missing
      1f5c57d dhcpv6: Enable checking of reply error codes
      aa5413f tethering: Cleanup tethering when connman is shutting down
      30c0dbc inet: Remove unused gateway setting functions
      10a3beb connection: Use netlink functions to set default gateway
      8aae35a tethering: Use the prefix length from ippool instead of hard coded value
      f7b865e tethering: Add debug print so we notice restarts
      3ddffce nfacct: Do not fail in nfacct_flush_cb() when NFACCT is not supported
      17badd6 netlink-test: Use assertion to verify results
      a5f3d04 nfacct: netlink uses positive error codes
      83bb349 ipv6pd: Change PD status according to uplink IPv6 status
      416a2d6 ipv6pd: Check IPv6 support
      6b43ca3 ipconfig: Add support function to return ipconfig IPv6 status
      1243114 network: Set service disconnect state correctly
      3b98cf0 network: Function name was missing a proper prefix
      55f5273 tethering: Activate IPv6 prefix delegation support when tethering
      905c0e9 ipv6pd: IPv6 prefix delegation implementation logic
      55b7b2d dhcpv6: Add prefix delegation release support
      50c44d5 dhcpv6: Add prefix delegation renew support
      68bc0b7 dhcpv6: Initial IPv6 prefix delegation support
      73f1b79 ipconfig: Save and load delegated IPv6 prefixes
      24fc3de inet: Add functions to receive ICMPv6 router solicitation messages
      4b6daf1 inet: Add function to send ICMPv6 router advertisement message
      1744fd5 gdhcp: Print more error information if DHCPv6 message send failed
      a25b411 gdhcp: Get server DUID if we do not know it yet
      f59d373 gdhcp: Read only sub-option amount of data
      c88cd2e gdhcp: IPv6 prefix delegation support
      707f011 gdhcp: Pretty print DUID to the debug log
      9fe12b7 gdhcp: Ignore server DUID missing error
      3051ef6 gdhcp: Print debug information about sent requests
      d9a852d inet: Enhance debug print usefullness
      9d99f58 inet: Return errors correctly when setting multicast options
      932e1b9 inet: Add function to get the link local address attached to an interface
      3aa5313 inet: Fix IPCMv6 checksum calculation
      6520dc9 doc: Update Session overview
      462d368 netlink-test: Use open coded message creation instead of struct
      333f863 netlink-test: Fix printf format string for uint64_t
      be21997 nfacct: Fix DBG() format string for uint64_t
      41f3712 README: Add kernel config options for full Session support
      bd8cd2c session: Add routing and accounting iptables rules
      45c3bbd session: Add global firewall rules
      f48f9b9 session: Add policy routing table
      009171b session: Add NFACCT rules per session
      cd8a209 session: Flush all NFACCT rules on bootup
      36e2dcc session: Store creation related data into a struct
      21aa00b nfacct: Add helper function for managing several rules
      755217a nfacct: Add __connman_nfacct_flush()
      19ca578 netlink-test: Add NFACCT low level test
      41c54f5 nfacct: Add NFACCT
      fd71731 shared: Add a copy of the nfnetlink_acct.h kernel header
      030f578 netlink-test: Add test program for netlink
      d25b22c netlink: process_multi() should call handler on done
      d765b15 netlink: Port ELL's version of netlink
      32baa22 inet: Add function to remove default route from a routing table
      a4d3e1b inet: Add function to setup default route to a routing table
      cba24db inet: Add functions to setup fwmark to routing table
      1d64996 session_policy_local: Don't look up hash tables using NULL key
      e8344a9 session_policy_local: Add support for UID/GID only
      49671af session_policy_local: Call failed_create() with the real user pointer
      aeaeb4b gdbus: Remove proxies when client disconnects
      260608b wifi: Memory leak when tethering
      9286090 ippool: Memory leak
      fbe905a client: Fix passphrase handling
      cbc629f client: Implement VPN Agent API RequestInput method call
      66dcdec client: Add vpnagent command to register and unregister VPN Agent
      1ac8610 client: Implement support for queueing Agent messages
      01fe75b client: Add VPN Agent support for Release, Cancel and ReportError
      2e43802 client: Create agent data structure and pass it in function callbacks
      ba7f46b client: Don't handle Agent messages in monitor code
      ab78ab7 client: Fix DBUS_TYPE_UINT16 pretty-printing
      475a695 dhcpv6: Send domain list option to server
      05a3f47 unit: Multiple collisions with different pools
      e51fdfd unit: Test ippool collision differently
      35ccdc8 ippool: Clear allocated block pointer at cleanup
      5f5910b ippool: Private address check was incorrect
      58ec105 service: Send proxy properties when connected or disconnected
      b4f0e90 technology: Offlinemode could not be disabled if no technology was powered
      4c50210 TODO: Mark GSequence removal done
      02d4740 service: Use GList instead of GSequence for service list
      afa245f session: Use GList instead of GSequence for service list
      9342269 session: Use service iterator instead of match/creation callbacks
      2386b67 service: Initialize tech_data
      2476ce7 client: Avoid printing extra prompt on RequestInput
      db6ec6b client: Read D-Bus string type only if argument is 'Type'
      a6aa682 client: Pretty-print D-Bus signed integers
      9a048c1 client: Add VPN monitoring support
      ab7294a client: Add support for displaying VPN connections
      667f355 client: Add VPN connection helper function
      5186846 client: Add parameter to specify D-Bus service for method call
      032adc9 client: Add missing header file boilerplate
      77ade69 dhcpv6: Make sure release message is sent
      0515b22 build: Add session policy format document
      df1a4cb doc: Document session policy file format
      7eca790 session-test: Add tests for session_policy_local
      b553c5a session_policy_local: Set session identification method
      2ffa1d6 session: Add session identification method to config
      9c5cb53 session_policy_local: Retrieve UID/GID from session user
      42679c8 session_policy_local: Remove struct create_data
      f71ccc8 session_policy_local: Rework policy file handling
      f75c792 session_policy_local: Add some more debug information
      61ed5e2 session_policy_local: Update session before unref policy
      99249a4 session_policy_local: Refactor SELinux context parser
      3fb5619 session_policy_local: Do not handle small allocation
      d6f82bb session: Do not access stale entry pointers
      e329cc8 session: Add session argument to create_service_entry_cb
      32a8cf5 TODO: Support other time sources
      3b70a3d timeserver: Periodically wake up to recheck timeservers
      bac356f iptables: Fix memory leak when invoking xtables_find_match
      git-subtree-dir: connman
      git-subtree-split: 075e1bbdda5b2ba2bba6fc75e458684365e5c6e9