Commit fb24bc4b authored by Slava Monich's avatar Slava Monich

Merge pull request #154 from monich/retval

Fix __connman_service_online_check_failed return value
parents b2c1ad7e a4b1fcb5
......@@ -6123,13 +6123,13 @@ int __connman_service_online_check_failed(struct connman_service *service,
redo_func = redo_wispr_ipv6;
return EAGAIN;
return -EAGAIN;
DBG("service %p type %d count %d", service, type, *online_check_count);
if (!__connman_service_is_connected_state(service, type))
return 0;
/* Revert back to ready state */
switch (type) {
......@@ -6152,7 +6152,7 @@ int __connman_service_online_check_failed(struct connman_service *service,
DBG("Next online check for service %p type %d in %d seconds", service, type, timeout * timeout);
*online_check_timer = g_timeout_add_seconds(timeout * timeout, redo_func, connman_service_ref(service));
return EAGAIN;
return -EAGAIN;
int __connman_service_ipconfig_indicate_state(struct connman_service *service,
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