Commit d576a8f4 authored by Jussi Laakkonen's avatar Jussi Laakkonen

[connman] Fix memory leak in iptables extension. Fixes JB#40973

Free the match returned by xtables_find_match() if the struct
xt_entry_match* is set for the match (match->m). In this case
xtables_find_match() has allocated a clone. When match->m is NULL an
entry from internal list is returned that must not be free'd.
parent 4f143fec
......@@ -458,11 +458,15 @@ static int print_match_save(GString *line, const struct xt_entry_match *e,
g_string_append_printf(line, " -m %s",
match->alias ? match->alias(e) : e->;
print_match(line, ip, match, e);
/* TODO fix xtables_find_match returned content allocation OR
devise a way to go around it and enable freeing of match.
Currently each found match potentially leaks memory, occurs with
comments added to iptables rule. After fixing free match. */
//free(match); // xtables_find_match allocates a clone
* xtables_find_match allocates a clone in case the found
* match has struct xt_entry_match* set (match->m). Otherwise
* an entry from the internal list is returned that must not
* be free'd. (iptables v.1.6.1 libxtables/xtables.c:653)
if (match->m)
} else {
if (e->u.match_size) {
ERR("print_match_save() Can't find library for match `%s'\n",
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