Commit cc497c42 authored by Jussi Laakkonen's avatar Jussi Laakkonen

[connman] Require IPv6 iptables. Contributes to JB#42675

This commit adds iptables-ipv6 requirement for connman. It is vital for
IPv6 iptables operations.
parent 41d7652d
......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ Requires: pacrunner
Requires: connman-configs
Requires: systemd
Requires: iptables >= 1.6.1
Requires: iptables-ipv6 >= 1.6.1
Requires: libgofono >= 2.0.0
Requires: libglibutil >= 1.0.21
Requires: libdbusaccess >= 1.0.2
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