Commit a80aa7d5 authored by Slava Monich's avatar Slava Monich

[ofono] Revert commit 9b9b872e. Fixes JB#43567

Removing the service when SIM card goes away (e.g. during shutdown)
kills autoconnect flag for mobile data. That's because mobile data
is enabled/disabled at individual service level, as opposed to wifi
where it's turned on and off at higher (technology) level.

Need to find a better way to stop cellular services from piling up.
parent 35efac9b
......@@ -419,23 +419,12 @@ static void modem_create_network(struct modem_data *md)
static void modem_destroy_network(struct modem_data *md)
if (md->network) {
struct connman_service *service =
if (service) {
DBG("%s", ofono_modem_path(md->modem));
connman_device_remove_network(md->device, md->network);
if (md->network) {
md->network = NULL;
if (service) {
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