Commit a7217f1d authored by Slava Monich's avatar Slava Monich

[connman] Fixed another problem with SSID generated by CreateService. JB#38711

Only the last byte of the name was used for SSID.
That's not how it was supposed to work.
parent 6642e1c8
......@@ -496,7 +496,7 @@ static DBusMessage *create_service(DBusConnection *conn, DBusMessage *msg,
GString *buf = g_string_sized_new(strlen(name)*2);
for (ptr = name; *ptr; ptr++) {
g_string_printf(buf, "%02X", (unsigned char)*ptr);
g_string_append_printf(buf, "%02X", (guchar)*ptr);
ssid = tmp_ssid = g_string_free(buf, FALSE);
DBG("\"%s\" => %s", name, ssid);
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