Commit 94b106f5 authored by Jussi Laakkonen's avatar Jussi Laakkonen

[connman] Revert commit b86ae5a1, problem fixed by iptables. JB#42205 JB#43926

This reverts the commit b86ae5a1 that
disabled -m switch for IPv6 iptables rules.

With iptables 1.6.1+git2 this issue is resolved.
parent 1a037a1d
......@@ -1533,22 +1533,6 @@ static bool protocol_match_equals(const char *protocol, const char *match)
return false;
static bool is_supported_ipv6_match(const char *match)
int i;
if (!match)
return false;
/* Protocols are supported, nothing else */
for (i = 0; supported_protocols[i]; i++) {
if (!g_strcmp0(match, supported_protocols[i]))
return true;
return false;
static bool validate_iptables_rule(int type, const char *group,
const char *rule_spec)
......@@ -1594,17 +1578,6 @@ static bool validate_iptables_rule(int type, const char *group,
switch_type = IPTABLES_MATCH;
match = argv[i++];
/* TODO fix/remove this when match support is fixed */
if (type == AF_INET6 &&
!is_supported_ipv6_match(match)) {
DBG("iptables support for other than protocol "
"matches in "
"simultaneous use is "
"broken, ignore IPv6 "
"match %s", match);
goto out;
if (!match) {
DBG("trailing '-m' in rule \"%s\"", rule_spec);
goto out;
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