Commit 6642e1c8 authored by Slava Monich's avatar Slava Monich

Merge branch 'ssid_fix' into 'master'

Fix a problem with SSID generated by CreateService

See merge request !93
parents 7fe528e9 127838c5
......@@ -566,6 +566,13 @@ static DBusMessage *create_service(DBusConnection *conn, DBusMessage *msg,
* Make sure both Name and SSID are in there (one of them may have
* been auto-generated from the other)
g_key_file_set_string(settings, ident, SERVICE_KEY_NAME, name);
g_key_file_set_string(settings, ident, SERVICE_KEY_SSID, ssid);
/* Actually create the service (or update the existing one) */
DBG("%s \"%s\"", ident, name);
ptr = __connman_service_create(service_type, ident, settings);
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