Commit 63b085f2 authored by Patrik Flykt's avatar Patrik Flykt Committed by Slava Monich

main.conf: Update default NetworkInterfaceBlacklist value

The default value for NetworkInterfaceBlacklist has been updated with
ve- and vb- prefixes used by systemd.
parent 11bde284
......@@ -57,8 +57,8 @@
# Found interfaces will be compared to the list and will
# not be handled by connman, if their first characters
# match any of the list entries. Default value is
# vmnet,vboxnet,virbr,ifb.
# NetworkInterfaceBlacklist = vmnet,vboxnet,virbr,ifb
# vmnet,vboxnet,virbr,ifb,ve-,vb-.
# NetworkInterfaceBlacklist = vmnet,vboxnet,virbr,ifb,ve-,vb-
# Allow connman to change the system hostname. This can
# happen for example if we receive DHCP hostname option.
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