Commit 5874b453 authored by Jussi Laakkonen's avatar Jussi Laakkonen

[connman] Keep static general rules if notifier fails. JB#44205

Keep the general rules if the notifier fails. Notifier failing only
prevents use of dynamic rules, which need to be removed. The general
rules are removed at cleanup.
parent 9efdd66d
......@@ -2762,8 +2762,6 @@ static void cleanup_dynamic_firewall_rules()
tethering_firewall = NULL;
dynamic_rules = NULL;
......@@ -3271,6 +3269,7 @@ void __connman_firewall_cleanup(void)
firewall_access_policy = NULL;
g_list_free_full(configuration_files, g_free);
configuration_files = NULL;
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