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    main: Disable 6to4 by default · 8460af11
    Tore Anderson authored
    The 6to4 protocol as deployed on the public internet has been shown to
    cause severe connectivity problems. RFC 6343 section 4.1 therefore
    recommends against host implementations enabling it by default. This
    patch implements that recommendation by introducing a new "Enable6to4"
    configuration option, which defaults to false.
    Due to the operational problems described in RFC 6343 section 3, the
    IETF is about to deprecate the 6to4 protocol completely. This is done in
    the document draft-ietf-v6ops-6to4-to-historic which is currently in the
    RFC Editor's queue, pending final pulication as an RFC. Section 4 of
    this document reinforces and strengthens RFC 6343's current
    recommendation, mandating that hosts MUST disable 6to4 by default.
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