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    dnsproxy: Remove DNS servers of disconnected/idle service. · 3d1ddbb1
    Jussi Laakkonen authored
    This addresses the issue of having changing interface indexes with,
    e.g., VPNs that causes the DNS servers to accumulate in the list when
    the index of a VPN changes but the service and DNS server addresses
    remain the same. Reason for this is how find_server() behaves when
    adding new DNS servers.
    VPNs can change interface index more rapidly as they can be connected
    when the previous VPN connection is still disconnecting or cleaning up
    and the previous interface is up so new interface for the new VPN
    connection is brought up. The service, however, is still the same and so
    are the DNS servers.
    When such thing happens and the DNS servers do not change,
    "src/dnsproxy.c:ns_resolv() Cannot send message to server sock
    47 protocol 17 (Invalid argument/22)" is given as error. If there are
    no new DNS servers set by the new VPN connection DNS does not work until
    there is some other change triggering. Reason for this is that connected
    UDP sockets are used and when the error happens "netstat -un" displays
    bunch of connections with IP different to what is currently used.
    By adding this service state listener enabling removal of the DNS
    servers of the disconnecting/idle service the issue described is
    eliminated. Removal of the DNS servers is done using the index of the
    disconnecting service, allowing to remove the DNS servers of a service
    that has begun its disconnection process. As a result the DNS server
    list keeps clean and when the VPN is re-connected with new interface the
    DNS servers are added again but they have correct interfaces set and
    further DNS requests can be sent.
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