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    [connman] Introduce IPv6 support for firewall. Contributes to JB#42674 · 3a6db779
    Jussi Laakkonen authored
    This commit adds IPv6 support to firewall.c. Two new functions are added
    to connman.h which allow to add and remove rules using IPv6
    functionality that was added to iptables.c. This commit does not change
    functionality of firewall.c, new functions are:
     - __connman_firewall_add_ipv6_rule()
     - __connman_firewall_remove_ipv6_rule()
    The firewall functions operate on higher level than the iptables.c
    functions so a clear separation of rule adding and removal is decided to
    be implemented for IPv4 and IPv6. This abstracts the use of iptables and
    for internal functionality this kind of separation of concerns here is
    clarifying things instead of having to give a specific type for each
    firewall function call.
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