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    [connman] plugins: Create an interface for wakeup timers · 0b6cb423
    Hannu Mallat authored
    Mobile phones and other battery-powered systems may suspend often and
    for long periods of time. However, connman may need to perform
    scheduled operations such as DHCP renewal at specific times regardless
    of whether the system is suspended or not.
    Provide a plugin interface for implementing wakeup timers which can be
    used to request the system to wake up from suspend at a given
    time. These timers are intended for relatively infrequent events which
    do not need high timing precision, not as general purpose replacement
    for g_timeout functions, as wakeup from suspend can be a slow and
    expensive operation.
    If no wakeup timer is implemented, regular glib timeouts are used.
    Note that only one wakeup timer plugin may be registered at a time.
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