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    Copy extended attributes if -p flag is provided to cp, mv. Contributes to JB#30370 · 26e8a8ac
    Kalle Jokiniemi authored
    Doing a full file system copy of root is not currently possible
    when busybox cp does not support copying extended attributes.
    Added this patch from Dimitry Falko, which adds xattr support when using
    "-p" option. This behaviour slightly differs from coreutils cp. Original cp
    copying only ACLs and not copying executable file capabilities on "-p".
    To copy all extended attributes with coreutils cp the option "--preserve=all"
    must be used.
    At this time of applying, the patch has not been merged to upstream busybox.
    This patch was fixed by copying attributes after chown() called because it
    resets file capabilities.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarIgor Zhbanov <igor.zhbanov@jolla.com>
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