Commit ed7d2e8d authored by Raine Makelainen's avatar Raine Makelainen

[nemo-storage] Mount an external storage with fs type that block device has....

[nemo-storage] Mount an external storage with fs type that block device has. Contributes to JB#44456
parent f4375b53
......@@ -174,9 +174,25 @@ void UDisks2::Monitor::mount(const QString &devicePath)
QVariantList arguments;
QVariantMap options;
options.insert(QStringLiteral("fstype"), QString());
arguments << options;
startMountOperation(devicePath, UDISKS2_FILESYSTEM_MOUNT, m_blockDevices->objectPath(devicePath), arguments);
if (Block *block = m_blockDevices->find(devicePath)) {
QString objectPath;
if (block->device() == devicePath) {
objectPath = block->path();
} else if (block->cryptoBackingDevicePath() == devicePath) {
objectPath = block->cryptoBackingDeviceObjectPath();
// Find has the same condition.
options.insert(QStringLiteral("fstype"), block->idType());
arguments << options;
startMountOperation(devicePath, UDISKS2_FILESYSTEM_MOUNT, objectPath, arguments);
} else {
emit mountError(Partition::ErrorOptionNotPermitted);
emit status(devicePath, Partition::Unmounted);
void UDisks2::Monitor::unmount(const QString &devicePath)
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