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      [messagingframework] Trigger notification if account credentials are... · e5a4d89b
      flypig authored
      [messagingframework] Trigger notification if account credentials are incorrect. Contributes to JB#47900
      For accounts that use passwords, if the credentials are incorrect this
      change will cause the "CredentialsNeedUpdate = true" property to be set
      on the account, triggering signond to show a notification to the user.
      This mirrors the behavour of qmf-oauth2-plugin. See
      SSOOauth2Plugin::credentialsNeedUpdate() in
      This commit applies the change by ammending the previous 0004 patch. It
      also removes the numbering from the patches to simplify future patch
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      [qmf] Run qmf-accountscheck with privileges. Contributes to JB#48852 · 817bfec4
      flypig authored
      If the accounts database is set to require privileges for read/write
      access, then the qmf-accountscheck executable will need to run with
      these increased privileges too.
      This change sets the service executable to be run by the booster/invoker
      and also adds a privilege file so it has the privileges it needs.
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  19. 14 Feb, 2020 2 commits
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      [qmf] Set new IMAP folders to inherit SynchronizationEnabled flag. Contributes to JB#47389 · 00f846c7
      flypig authored
      This is to support configurable email folder synchronisation. Applies
      the following upstream patch.
      When new folders are received from the server, the client-side
      SynchronizationEnabled flag must be set for them. Previously they were
      always set to true, but if they're inside a folder that isn't being
      synced, this probably doesn't reflect the user's intent.
      This change makes it so that for IMAP any new folders received from the
      server will have the SynchronizationEnabled flag set to whatever value
      their parent has it set to. If they have no parent (i.e. are in the root
      folder) then the flag is set to true as before.
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      [qmf] Follow the synchronizationEnabled flag when folders are not specified.... · 946e1261
      flypig authored
      [qmf] Follow the synchronizationEnabled flag when folders are not specified. Contributes to JB#47389
      This is to support configurable email folder synchronisation. Applies
      the following upstream patch.
      Follow the synchronizationEnabled flag when folders are not specified
      If the synchronizationEnabled flag is set to false, a variety
      of strategy, like search, folder listing, will not search in
      such folders. This is maybe a too restrictive usage of this
      flag. This patch change the behavior of this flag to act on
      synchronization strategies only, when desired.
      It activates it only for message retrieval in all folders.
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    • Tomi Leppänen's avatar
      [qmf] Use EightBit for text and email files. Contributes to JB#12571 · 152e45b7
      Tomi Leppänen authored
      Previously attachments with text/* or message/rfc822 encoding were
      base64 encoded for no good reason. Change them to use EightBit transfer
      This fixes forwarding .eml files that previously were totally broken.
      Additionally it changes behaviour for text type files which no longer
      need to be base64 encoded using 25% less data.
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